Monday, August 30, 2010


so went to the piercing and tattoo parlour in Noble Park with a friend to FINALLY get my cartilage peircing done! and it wasn't even painful though i was expecting the worse but hoping for the best. My peircing is size 8 but I was stuck on whether or not i should up the size to 10 but then the ring would dangle from the ear and look slightly dodgy..? yeah i don't know, but i was not willing to take that risk so yeah. But now i'm having second thoughts of maybe purchasing another ring(a size 10 and maybe.. a stud) so that i have a few options and can interchange between the three if i get bored, but i'll need to find a job first before any of this can happen! Overall i'm just glad i got this done outta the way. Anywho now i'm (sort of) keen to get second peircings which will be on the tragus.

Other than that, today i found out this guy has always thought i seemed pissed and is actually scared to approach me cause i look like i might punch somebody.. literally. RUDE! yes i have a problem, that problem is controlling my facial expression/body language but his assumptions are taken wayyyyyyyyy out of context and is melodramatic, which then makes him appear like a girl. No, but seriously it made me laugh. I guess I have a big problem because in society first impressions are apparently, everything. But, that's just one guy's opinion of me... well i sure hope so.

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