Saturday, November 27, 2010

we will start the new year of 2011, and we will be beautiful. We will be the new dainty and perfect girls, the ones who were outgoing and funny, who could run around and jump into peoples’ arms and ask for piggybacks without the slightest hint of selfconsciousness. We will be the girls that the guys will talk about- “have you seen her? yeah, the really skinny one. she’s perfect, isn’t she?” and they will all try and get the confidence to talk to us. We will be confident too, so we will happily flirt with the boys. What’s more, we’ll be healthy. Beautiful, vibrant and healthy, but tiny and dainty, with breakable wrists and the magical gap between our thighs.

Friday, November 26, 2010

You know what I hate? Fricken last minute changes.

You know i tried to sweep my feelings under the rug on monday... but i've just had it enough with you. You've texted that you felt bad afterwards but im sure(if you are a human being with a decent heart) would have felt wrong to ditch me to be with your boyfriend whom in turn ditched you. Oh karma's pretty lovely isn't it . And you've pretty much gone out this week yet you say you're mum's tight. Explain please? You said you weren't sure if you could go to the beach yet a few days later off you went to the beach... Am I reading the wrong things? And now you can't go out tomorrow... you know what? STUFF YOU. You know, I hope you do get the message through to your skull that I'm pissed off at you cause you truly do frustrate me with your endless excuses. IM UTTERLY SICK OF YOU. URGH YOU PISS ME OUT. and rollerblading is out of the window tomorrow. I'm going to steer myself away from you as much as possible which will be easy seeing as i'll still be at school. Gooooooood. I just want to start a new chapter. Screw the few previous ones.

So i feel shit. AGRH. I look so gross and feel like a bitch. Why is it so difficult to be a saint? I'm not skinny nor am i tall. You know when you have one of those days where your completely drowned in melancholic symptoms and absolutely nothing can nudge that out of your brain? Well today is the day. Agrhhhh i hate that i think too much. I wish that my mind would just shut down so that i wouldn't be able to feel anything. I want to be up in the clouds and lie there forever not having to worry about useless things. I hate it how looks matter, why can't we have masks? *sigh* I feel sick. sick.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Singing in the Rain

The mash up of Rhianna's Umbrella and Singing in the rain has probably been one of my most favourite covers from Glee! I'll have to admit though, I enjoyed the Singing in the rain piece WAY MORE than umbrella. And as colloquial and cliche this may sound, nothing beats originals!


See this little boy? Yes, he’s a little boy from Cambodia. Trying to have a nice drink of water. You can assume he’s poor and he doesn’t have clean water nor clean water to shower in. This little boy still seems to have a nice innocent look on his face. Now compare this little boy to us. I mean the people who have all these things that we don’t even need. Yet we still want more and more. We complain on how we don’t have this new phone or this new game or have the clothes in style. You see this boy, all he wants is a drink of water. and it gives him a smile on his face. So think about it. We have a lot of things to be thankful for. Don’t complain. Be happy with what you have. Because some people in this world don’t even have running water or food on the table, yet they can’t complain. Just be thankful and be happy with the things you have.

Story of my life. No, really.




Here i am complaining , complaining that i’m doing the HSC, complaining about school being such a drag, how whenever i open one my notebooks/school books i frown and complain knowing that i have to study.. but then i see this..

This little girl .. These books are her everything.She probably struggled and used all the money she had just so she could buy these books for school and get an education that we sometimes take for granted. Atleast we have the oppurtunity to learn. Yes the notes/notebooks and textbooks we have might be a bore to look at and we grunt and occasionally think to ourselves “Man this shits boring,why do we have to learn/write this” But in the end we know why. So we could persue our, dreams,our hopes and ambitions. Even with the simple knowlege of knowing how to read and write , count and put words into a sentence can take us somewhere as silly as it might sound.

We complain of the education that we do have, but do we actually realise how lucky we are? There are many children out there like this little girl with a simple wish is to go to school, get an education, so they can learn to the best of thier ability. We take our books for granted, but atleast we have books to write on,text books to learn from. Most of this little girls books are ruined,It breaks my heart how some kids have to go through this while most of us sit on our asses and complain about what we have/don’t have, But look at this little girl.
(via lifeaintafairytale)


A small puppy wandered up to U.S. Marines from Alpha Company, 1st Battalion 6th Marines, in Marjah, Afghanistan on ******. After following the Marines numerous miles, a soft hearted Marine picked the puppy up and carried the puppy in his drop pouch.


These are just an accumulation of my inspirations at the moment. I should have more 'summer-y' items, except Melbourne weather hasn't been reflecting that, hence my choice on 'the fall' clothing.