Thursday, November 18, 2010




Here i am complaining , complaining that i’m doing the HSC, complaining about school being such a drag, how whenever i open one my notebooks/school books i frown and complain knowing that i have to study.. but then i see this..

This little girl .. These books are her everything.She probably struggled and used all the money she had just so she could buy these books for school and get an education that we sometimes take for granted. Atleast we have the oppurtunity to learn. Yes the notes/notebooks and textbooks we have might be a bore to look at and we grunt and occasionally think to ourselves “Man this shits boring,why do we have to learn/write this” But in the end we know why. So we could persue our, dreams,our hopes and ambitions. Even with the simple knowlege of knowing how to read and write , count and put words into a sentence can take us somewhere as silly as it might sound.

We complain of the education that we do have, but do we actually realise how lucky we are? There are many children out there like this little girl with a simple wish is to go to school, get an education, so they can learn to the best of thier ability. We take our books for granted, but atleast we have books to write on,text books to learn from. Most of this little girls books are ruined,It breaks my heart how some kids have to go through this while most of us sit on our asses and complain about what we have/don’t have, But look at this little girl.
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