Friday, November 26, 2010

You know what I hate? Fricken last minute changes.

You know i tried to sweep my feelings under the rug on monday... but i've just had it enough with you. You've texted that you felt bad afterwards but im sure(if you are a human being with a decent heart) would have felt wrong to ditch me to be with your boyfriend whom in turn ditched you. Oh karma's pretty lovely isn't it . And you've pretty much gone out this week yet you say you're mum's tight. Explain please? You said you weren't sure if you could go to the beach yet a few days later off you went to the beach... Am I reading the wrong things? And now you can't go out tomorrow... you know what? STUFF YOU. You know, I hope you do get the message through to your skull that I'm pissed off at you cause you truly do frustrate me with your endless excuses. IM UTTERLY SICK OF YOU. URGH YOU PISS ME OUT. and rollerblading is out of the window tomorrow. I'm going to steer myself away from you as much as possible which will be easy seeing as i'll still be at school. Gooooooood. I just want to start a new chapter. Screw the few previous ones.

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