Thursday, September 2, 2010

I want my tragus pierced thanks

Pretty keen on getting my tragus pierced... I know of a girl who;s had it done and said it didn't hurt at all! but i've been reading comments and a girl said it "hurt ALOT" (btw this is the exact quote and as you can you see the CAP LOCKS expresses the amount and level of pain she felt during the piercing process, which scares me a whole lot) and another said she felt light headed.. not a great sign. Anyways my parents aren't to fond of the idea either and object to it 100%... well atm because i haven't finished school, but once i'm done with school i;m free to go do it...except i want it now... maybe in the summer holidays :) ... yup summer holidays it is! Okay time to my food folio. lol

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