Monday, November 16, 2009

Inspired by Asian

i think every girl dreams of being a model when they grow up, well for me that was the case. However it was always the
Caucasians modelling or posing in the posters, billboards and commercials, but residing in a white country i always found it hard to comprehend, even to this very day, why i never saw many Asian models doing so. And yes the answer is evident, that's cause i'm in Australia and even though there are large masses of Asians here there aren't as many compared to Aussies. But even in countries like the Unite States, how many Asian models do really get to the top? How many have modelled for Victoria's secret? None.

So once in a while when i do find Asians who have made it in the top modelling industry, to me they are like, a shower of inspiration. So today while on a fashion blospot, i found out about Daul Kim who is of Korean blood and an artist. Here are some pictures:

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