Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Walking blind

Life has its special ways of redirecting your path. I should know, i had my fair share today. In less than a weeks time i will be accepting Jesus in my life and will officially be called one of his children. After what happened today, to be honest i don't know what to do. But there's no point pondering on the issue cause i will HAVE to make a decision or they'll keep on haranguing until i give them an answer. Although i don't know what's going to happen next or what's going to be the outcome/consequence of my decision and yes i am scared, either way i am going to have to deal with it head on. Truly inside i feel like crying, i feel so freakin' scared and loney(but i'm lucky i guess, to have family and friends) but like Tsalikis said, i have to face reality now after years of running away from it, i have to face the music. But from nextweek on, i know that no matter my decision Jesus will walk in hand with me and I will be filled with the Holy Spirit, guiding me in the directions and pathway God has made for me.

Now i just pray for faith in you, Lord.

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