Saturday, December 12, 2009

The count down BEGINS as Bradie and Anne will soon come face to face!

CHEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!! only 6 more days:|
Ahhh.... reading all these twitter updates from Short Stack crew has got me all pumped up and excitedddddddddddddddddddd for the concert.YAY! (man, i hope im not exceeding my already high expectations) and YOU, kim, you better get eager soon.. soon!

Oh, and i shall update a picture of Bradie(the drummer in ss).He's an absolute DOLL.


  1. HAHAHA Bradie!!
    u got this image off twitter... apparently he was sitting alone on the plane, so this old woman next 2 him started to talk to him, and the other members of the Short Stack crew started to laugh, cos he can't get out the conversation... hehe he funny, i wonder where was Andy?

  2. Andy was up your arse.

    HHAHHEHEEHEHEH kidding :)