Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If i could be weightless, that would be enough.

• richelleeisdope:
Some days I just feel like completely giving up on everyone and everything.

It’s those days when you don’t feel like seeing anyone or feel like even trying anymore. When you just want to bang your head on the desk, because you’re so stressed out with homework or when you want to sock the wall, because you’re just tired of everyone and their crap. You don’t want to tell anyone how you’re feeling, because they just won’t understand. You want to run and get away from everything, hoping to find your solution or final destination. Then you end up realizing running away from your problem won’t do anything, the problem would still be there, unsolved. But then again, nobody ever said it was easy.

and thats what I hate most.

I think I've forgotten how it feels to be happy.


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