Friday, October 22, 2010


So today I stayed at home to finish off my Macbeth oral speech which was due yesterday and now i'm sitting in the same spot I was in the morning with an incomplete speech, still. It's 12:52 PM at the moment and i'm sort of comtemplating whether I should finish it off however i'm in a 'cbs' state of mind atm so I'm just going to skip english class first period tomoro (which won't help my attendance at all) and i'm sorta afraid that i may have to hand in a 'medical certificate' cause it is a SAC and i have been away for two periods. agrh. i'm scared but AGRH .this is annoying. Should I or Shouldn't I? errrrrr i don't know. okay. im not going. I'll finish it off at school tomoro. Yup, so thats the plan! okay. good.

Wait. Ms Gray can't do anythng right... i mean it's note like a written SAC or anything. it's an Oral... YES it's an oral she can't do anything. Yeah i'm not going. I'll present it on Monday

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