Friday, October 22, 2010


my future car- never been a big fan of those porshe fancy pancy cars, to be honest their really unattractive... well most of them anyway. I dig personality in cars. Oh, I love Jeeps too !

ADORABLE! IT'S SO SQUISHABLE!! anywho im gonna adopt a dog right after highschool is overrrrrrrrr!

In the future I will own a dirtbike no exceptions!

How wonderful if we were able to let loose and fly. That's be amazing.

Ah.. guys who know how to skate:)

LOVE kittens, dislike Cats. and yes i do realise their the same species. lol

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  1. Great inspiration! Especially love the picture of the girl jumping off the boat. Epic.

    Just wanted to let you know I left some responses to your questions on my blog! here and here!